Make Registrations Easier this Fall!

Skate Ontario is proud to offer Communiti to member clubs!

Skate Ontario Club and Skating School friends,

In case you haven’t heard yet, we have partnered with an exciting startup called Communiti. Communiti helps clubs like yours simplify the registration and payment process. It offers the following to member clubs:

  • FREE – the app is offered at no cost to Skate Ontario registered clubs
  • EASY – easily accept registration and payments online
  • GROW – digitally reach thousands of users on the Communiti marketplace

We are recommending Communiti as our preferred booking partner for Ontario Clubs and Skating Schools.

Here’s what Communiti did for the Trenton FSC:

The Trenton FSC used Communiti for their Spring School 2022 season. Below are some of their key results:

  • Registration time decreased from 20-30 minutes per registration to under 1 minute
  • With a simple process and online payment opportunities, registrations increased by 30%
  • Administration workload reduced by 50% as a result of a simplified process

Trenton FSC had the following to say about Communiti:

The Communiti app has been a life changer. Easy to manage athletes, message them and has significantly cut time going into registrations so I could focus on assisting in areas that were lacking and required attention in order for a sports program to run efficiently.” – Lisa, Coach and Head of CanSkate, Trenton FSC

Read more about how Communiti helped Trenton FSC here.

Communiti can do the same for your club! Reserve your spot for the Fall season today!

If you’re ready to get started, join our waiting list to be considered as a Skate Ontario Communiti club or skating school in the fall and someone from Communiti will be in touch soon.

Spots are limited and we are accepting requests to join the Communiti App on a first come, first serve basis.

get on the waitlsit

Still not sure? Click here to join an information session to learn more about how the app and how Communiti can help your club.

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