Junior PA Captains and PAs Inspire at the Nickel Blades Skating Club

The Nickel Blades Skating Club is proud to have an amazing group of Program Assistants to enhance their CanSkate program. They identify their Program Assistants with bright coloured shirts with their respective titles on the back (Program Assistant or Junior PA Captain.) During the CanSkate session, their special group of Junior PA Captains inspire and guide skaters and shadow the coaches. This gives some younger skaters the opportunity to take part in the PA program and experience the CanSkate program as a role model.

We asked Nickel Blades SC program assistants what they thought about their responsibilities on the ice.

The Nickel Blades Skating Club has achieved Advanced Standard in the CanSkate Excellence Recognition Program. To find a club in your area, use our “Find a Club” tool.

To learn more about the CanSkate Excellence recognition program, please click here.

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