Important Dates & Information for Requesting Test Days

Test day requests should be submitted to as indicated by the dates below:

Winter Season: November 1 – March 31, deadline date is October 1

Spring Season: April 1 – June 31, deadline date is March 1

Summer Season: July 1 – August 31, deadline date is June 1

Fall Season: September 1 – October 31, deadline date is September 1

Please note that extensions may be considered if there are delays related to ice scheduling, however requests for a delay should be communicated to Skate Ontario prior to the deadline date. Early receipt of High Test Days is greatly appreciated.

Requesting High Test Day Evaluators

Evaluators for all High Test Days will be assigned by Skate Ontario. Evaluators are notified of test days by Skate Ontario and asked to volunteer. Skate Ontario will monitor this process, validate that the evaluator is qualified for the tests requested and confirm with the Test Chair the assignment of the evaluator(s).

Test Day Billing

All clubs will be invoiced for High Test Day evaluators at the end of each month in which a High Test Day took place. A charge of $20.00 minimum for one High Test Day evaluator and $10.00 extra for each additional High Test Day evaluator will be applicable. The purpose of this fee is to help fund ongoing evaluator development and recruitment.