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Hey Skate Ontario Family!

Good news! As no doubt you have already heard, Battle of the Blades is coming back to CBC this Fall after a six-year hiatus!! Exciting news for anyone who likes to be on or watch what’s happening on the ice.

In addition to the weekly live TV show, CBC is looking to work with Skate Canada and figure skating programs across the country to bring back the grassroots program known as Mini Blades. As you may remember from past years (the latest in 2013) figure skating and hockey programs across the country created their own versions of Battle of the Blades, appropriately known as Mini Blades (see example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pAMad1_2vw).

Skate Ontario territory is where all of the shows will be taking place, which means the Skate Ontario family is close to the action.  How can you get involved?

Check with the coaches and parents at your club and see if anyone is interested in having their skater(s) pair up with a hockey player to become a Mini-Blades team. The clubs can either come up with an event or simply support the teams as they work on their routines.

CBC is looking for footage that they may be able to use in the broadcast and on social media. They are not guaranteed to appear on CBC, but by following the guidelines at the bottom of this page, you will be creating so many memories for your family for a long time to come.

If your club decides to hold an event/competition, let us know here at Skate Ontario so the event can be sanctioned. CBC has generously offered to buy rink boards at a couple of clubs who decide to host an event. The rink boards will be used during your event to help offset any costs the club might have incurred.

Even if it’s not an event, and simply a team or Mini-Bladers from your club, what a great way to showcase the community spirit coming from your rink!

Because CBC would like local Mini Blades competitions to line up with the Broadcast Program, competitions would need to take place in August, September and October to coincide with air dates.  Ideally local clubs would shoot their own footage of training sessions and competitions on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday and then send footage to this drop box link, for potential inclusion in the broadcast by Monday.

Dates for local competitions/events

*anytime in August until September 15 with footage sent to drop box by Sept 16

CBC is hoping that some clubs will be interested in holding competitions/events in August so that there is footage available to potentially include in the premiere broadcast episode on Sept 19th.  Please note that inclusion on the broadcast is NOT guaranteed.

We shoot Battle of the Blades on the following days:  Sept 19, Sept 26, Oct 3, Oct 10, Oct 17, Oct 24, Oct 31.


In order to potentially include video of your event on CBC social media channels and/or on the broadcast we would need video of your event by the following dates: Sept 16, Sept 23, Oct 7, Oct 14, Oct 21, Oct 28.


*you could send us video on any of the dates listed above.


Popular Clips of Battle of the Blades (for you to use as reference as you plan your event)




Mini Blades Video from across the country







Press Release about Battle of the Blades/Mini Blades.







We are here to help support your Mini Blades event in any way we can!  We can offer you poster artwork that you can print to encourage sign up.  We can also offer you a tool kit for your website to help encourage interest and sign up.  Please let us know what else we can do to assist.



For any questions or follow-up, please contact: Pdemontmorency@insighttv.com /416-407-9622





We encourage you to post footage of your Mini Blades competitions on your various Social Media platforms.  To post/tag to CBC Social Channels please use the following.


Twitter & Instagram – @cbcbattle @cbc #BOTB

Facebook – /battleoftheblades



There is a possibility that video you shoot, of your clubs Mini Blades Training and Competition, could be featured on the broadcast as a ‘bumper’.  Please note this is not guaranteed.  Our intention is to include footage of various Mini Blades competitions from across the country and we encourage you to please see below.


What to shoot:

-video of the outside of your arena that shows town/city/arena name (if possible)

-video of training sessions

–video of the ‘winning’ pairs skate. Please send us the entire performance

-video of the ‘winning’ announcement


Please note that anyone that appears in your video MUST sign an Appearance Release (attached).  Please keep this in mind when you shoot video.  It will be best to only focus on adults/children who you can get to sign the release.  We CANNOT show any video on television if we do not have a release from that individual.  Please note that minors require their parents/guardians signature.

Our suggestion is to focus on the competitors and winners and NOT take video of spectators, as it could prove difficult for you to gather releases.

Again, please be aware that EVERYONE who appears in your video MUST sign a release.


How to shoot:

Please shoot with the back camera (not the one you’d use for a selfie – the front facing camera isn’t as good as the back camera).

Please hold the camera sideways to shoot widescreen, like a television set. Please make sure the subject isn’t backlit (so don’t have your subject stand in front of a window).


Go to Settings > Camera, tap Record Video, and select your preferred resolution from the listed options. (1080p at 30 fps is best)


How to send us your video:

– click this link from your phone, –  Upload Video via Dropbox

– you will see ‘choose files’

-click choose files and then go to the video recorded on your phone

-pick the video, enter your name and email then hit upload




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