CanSkate Excellence Highlight – Kingston Skating Academy

Kingston Skating Academy Puts Skaters First

Kingston Skating Academy, led by Sharon Nixon and her team of coaches and volunteers, have fostered a CanSkate program which puts their skaters first. Skater recognition is a big part of the CanSkate program at KSA. They have implemented a Skater of the Month program which recognizes a skater in the CanSkate program as well as a PA of the month. On top of the monthly recognition, KSA has a Wall of Fame which is displayed on their CanSkate report card day.

Creating a skater centered community has been the key to the Kingston Skating Academy’s CanSkate success.

The Kingston Skating Academy has achieved  ⭐Advanced Standard in the CanSkate Excellence recognition program. To find a club in your area, use our “Find a Club” tool.

To learn more about the CanSkate Excellence program, please click here.


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