CanSkate Element Event Days at the Kenora Skating Club!

We asked the Kenora Skating Club to give us some insight into their CanSkate Element Event Days and how it makes their CanSkate program great!

This is a bi-annual performance opportunity where family, friends and members of the community gather to watch, cheer on and support the skaters as they show off their skills and shine. Skaters receive one on one recognition for their participation and achievement in the event. Everyone has FUN and it strengthens the bond within the club community.

1. How often do you host a CanSkate Element Event Day?

Twice per season. We hold one in December to end our first 10-week session and one in March that ends our second 10-week session.

2. How do you go about organizing the events? For example, registration process, do all skaters automatically participate, etc.

We have skaters sign up in the 3 weeks leading up to the day of the Element Event.  We have always had every skater participate in the event.

3. Do you give out certificates, awards, etc?

All Skaters receive a participation Certificate, a special sticker and, on that day, we serve hot chocolate and home-made cookies. We have a healthy-eating policy in partnership with our Health Unit, so we try and make sure we provide a home-made product.

4. How many coaches are involved? How is the board involved?

We have 4 of our certified coaches participate and 3-4 program assistants. The board looks after the registration table, stickers and snacks.

5. Are the events held on a single day? If so, do skaters come in specifically for the event, regardless of whether they regularly skate that day?

We hold the Element day on a regular skating day, however, each colour group has a set time that they are on the ice participating.  We send the schedule out a week before the event so parents are aware of when to come.

6. Do you have any other insights you wish to share?

This event is a phenomenal opportunity for skaters to perform the skills they have been working on so hard, in front of a community cheering section. We have parents, grandparents, and family friends attend the event to take videos and pictures of their stars! It is a fun night for all!

The Kenora Skating Club has achieved Advanced Standard in the CanSkate Excellence Program.

To find out more about the CanSkate Element Event, click here.

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