Back to School – Skating School That Is!

Each year, Skate Ontario coaches train their skaters to be the best they can be. Over the past few
months, Skate Ontario has been working with a group of dedicated coaches to come up with ways to
enhance their knowledge and access new skills and methods of keeping their skaters focused and
engaged. This comprehensive plan, coined Performance and Development Opportunities, replaces
“Performance Days” from last season. Information and planning tools will be available in the coming

Sharon Maki, Manager, Club Programs, gives us a sneak peek of what’s to come:

Skate Ontario (SO)
Sharon Maki (SM)

(SO)  Why is it important to create planning resources for our coaches?
(SM) We know that many coaches are balancing family life and other responsibilities on top of a
coaching career. We want to make things as easy as possible. By providing planning resources,
we can ensure that our coaches have the tools needed to aid in yearly planning for their skaters.

(SO) What’s different about this plan?
(SM) We have worked to create a clearer picture of yearly planning with complementary tools and
examples. We’ll also be adding supplementary resources throughout the season.

(SO) You use the term ‘performance’ – does this mean that skaters are doing simulations?
(SM) Simulations are one piece of a big picture. Optimal Performance and Development Opportunity
planning should incorporate a variety of sessions, like skill development workshops, challenge
days, and feedback sessions. Our yearly planning tool will help coaches to determine which types
of opportunities to offer throughout the season.

(SO) How will this work? What can clubs/schools and coaches expect?
(SM) Once released, clubs/schools and coaches will be able to access the overview, yearly planning
tool and examples of Performance and Development Opportunities. The planning tool
outlines the best time in the season to offer activities and also provides performance and
development examples. Clubs/schools and coaches will be able to customize the delivery of
these activities to best suit their skaters.

We are looking forward to launching further information and resources soon. If you have any questions,
please connect with Sharon Maki at

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