Winterlude Wonderland with Gloucester CanSkate Fun Zone!

We Asked Gloucester Skating Club: What Makes Your CanSkate Great?

Throughout the season, Gloucester Skating Club turns their Fun Zone into a Winterlude wonderland! Skaters participate in a variety of winter sports, such as tobogganing, curling, speed skating and more – right from the comfort of their very own #CanSkate session! The Gloucester Skating Club has achieved Advanced Standard in the CanSkate Excellence recognition program.

Want to know more about running your own Winterlude? Gloucester Skating Club was happy to provide us with some insight.

  1. How often are event days such as this held throughout the season?  We do 5 -6 event days through the fall/winter season.
  2. How is the session structured on this day? Ex. Do all of the circuits change or just Fun Zone? Are there games? Does your use of props and teaching aids change?Our Winterlude Day happens in the Fun Zone. Skaters do different sports as they would if they attended Winterlude events in Ottawa. We do curling, skiing, figure skating, tobogganing and speed skating on the Fast Track while skaters are in the Fun Zone. Our teaching aids correspond to the different sports. Skaters still have their regular warmup, lesson stations, group activity and cool down. Skaters celebrate Winterlude when they rotate through the Fun Zone station. 
  3. What is involved in organizing a day like this and do the skaters receive any rewards or incentives?  Coaches organize the activities before the session and a team of PA’s and Coaches quickly set up our Winterlude events during our CanSkate warmup. Teaching aids, circuit plans and props are set up in advance to allow for a seamless set up! Skaters receive a certificate of participation as they leave the ice. On Winter Olympic years, this day becomes a ‘Celebrate the Olympics’ Day, with warmup, group activity and cool down also included in the festivities. Skaters are given an Olympic torch during the group activity which is always fun! 
  4. How are your Coaches and PA’s involved  We have two Coaches and two PA’s to run our Winterlude Fun Zone. Each has their assigned sports for setting up the circuit but they can change where they are stationed on the circuit when groups rotate. We put our most energetic and enthusiastic Coaches and PA’s in the Fun Zone for this event to encourage an upbeat and fun time.
  5. How does having Event days such as this help make your program great?  Skaters enjoy participating in different activities, it creates variety in our CanSkate program delivery and give our skaters a chance to let loose and have fun!

The Gloucester Skating Club has achieved Advanced Standard in the CanSkate Excellence Recognition Program


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