Sample Position Description for Officers and Directors Resource

Last season, Skate Ontario released the Volunteer Toolkit for our member Clubs and Skating Schools to utilize in an effort to assist with the acquisition and retainment of volunteers for their organizations. The toolkit focused on the “4 – R’s System” (Recruit, Retain, Recognize and Relate). To further develop the toolkit, Skate Ontario has developed the Sample Position Description for Officers and Directors* resource to further resource the toolkit and assist in the recruitment of volunteers. This resource is meant to assist in the process of educating current and future volunteers of the expectations and scope of work for any given position on a Board of Directors. This resource is only meant to be a sample for our Clubs and Skating Schools, these samples are meant to be tailored to the responsibilities of these roles in your organization.

*To access this resource, clubs will be required to log in to the Skate Ontario Club/Skating School Members Portal.

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