Return to Competition Protocols & Skate ON Events

We have now added our Return to Competition Protocols to our website. To view the document, please click here.

You can find the link to the Skate ON-Baltimore Announcement here.

As a reminder, please see below for information on upcoming Skate ON events:

Which Skate ON Events can skaters enter?
  • Skaters are permitted to enter only one Skate ON event in November/December
  • Skate ON events are running as one pad competitions due to current government restrictions and therefore there will be a reduced number of entries available
  •  By restricting skaters to one Skate ON event, it will provide greater opportunity for more skaters to compete
What categories at a Skate ON event can a skater enter?
  • All skaters may enter only one category at a Skate ON event
  • i.e. A skater that enters STAR 7 may not also enter Juvenile Women U14
  • i.e. A skater that enters STAR 5 artistic may not also enter STAR 6 Free Skate
  • i.e. A skater that enters Pre-Novice Short Program may not also enter Pre-Novice Free Program*

*Please note: Pre-Novice/Novice categories will be offered as separate categories only. There will be no combined result.

As there will be Pre-Novice and Novice categories offered at the Skate ON-Stratford event, this will obviously have an impact on the number of spots available for the STARSkate skaters at this event. We are taking steps to maximize the number of registration spots by allowing skaters to register for only one Skate ON event during November and December.

How will registration work for Skate ON events?
  • STARSkate and Pre-Novice/Novice skaters will register for all Skate ON events on a first come, first served basis
  •  Registration windows can be found below for Skate ON – Baltimore and Skate ON – Huntsville
  • Registration windows for Skate ON – Stratford and Skate ON – Thunder Bay will be communicated at a later date
  •  If registration at a Skate ON event reaches capacity, skaters will have the option to register and be placed on a waitlist to be contacted if a spot becomes available
What are the registration windows for Skate ON events?
  • Skate ON – Baltimore – Tuesday, September 22 at 10am ET to Sunday September 27 at 11:59pm ET
  • Skate ON – Huntsville – Friday, September 25 at 10am ET to Sunday, October 4 at 11:59pm ET
What if I do not feel comfortable competing in-person at a Skate ON event this Fall?
  • Skate Ontario is considering the addition of a virtual competition opportunity this Fall/Winter
  • More information will be communicated by October 16, 2020
Will there be Skate ON events offered between January and March?
  • We are working to confirm what competitions will be offered for the remainder of the season
  •  Decisions will be made considering all government guidelines and the safety of our stakeholders
  • There is a possibility Skate Ontario events will continue to be smaller in size and registration limits may continue to be placed on the number of events skaters may enter
  • More information will be communicated by October 16, 2020


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