Performance Days Toolkit

Performance Days Toolkit

Performance Days are an important part of your club’s/school’s annual planning to encourage athlete development at all levels. Performance Days are used as tools to improve the overall performance of your skaters by filling training gaps in their yearly plans. 

Some benefits of planning effective performance days for athletes and clubs, include:

  • increasing opportunities for skater development;
  • building a team/community environment within your club;
  • increasing skater engagement;
  • providing opportunities for coaches to personalize skater development experiences through special days;
  • maximizing community involvement;
  • growing skater retention;
  • developing skaters who love sport;
  • encouraging skaters to become Active for Life!

Sanction Guidelines

*Updated – October 31st, 2018

1 – Performance Days are not competitions.
2 – Use of Officials will only be approved for monitoring or simulation performance day opportunities.

What types of events require sanctions? Any event that includes participants from outside the club. (excluding coaches)

What types of events do not require a sanction? Any event offered that the participants are 100% internal (only club members).

To apply for a sanction, fill out the Sanction Form and email it to

* Sanction requests may take up to 3 weeks to process. Please be sure to apply for sanction well in advance of your event.

If you have any questions about sanctions, contact


Steps to help you learn about and plan Performance Days:

  1. Watch the Skate Ontario Performance Days Overview video
  2. Read the Performance Days Overview document
  3. Read the Performance Days Goal Setting document
  4. Read the STAR 1-5 Program Parent Guide
  5. Read Performance Day FAQ’s



Performance Days Toolkit