NEW! Planned Program Sheets for Skate Ontario Sectional Championships

NEW! Skate Ontario is piloting a new process for submitting Planned Program Sheets at the 2018 Skate Ontario Sectional Championships. Athletes are requested to complete the Planned Program Sheet for both their Short Program/Dance and Free Program/Dance on their Skate Ontario event registration account. (

The deadline to complete and submit Planned Program Sheets is Wednesday, October 25, 2017 at 10:00pm.

IMPORTANT! Please type planned executed elements in code as follows:

For example: Element 1: 3S+2T, Element 2: 3Lz, Element 3: LSp, Element 4: 2A, Element 5: FSSp, Element 6: StSq, Element 7: CCoSp

Please review the Skate Canada 2017-2018 Scale of Values for codes to import into Planned Program Sheets


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