March 23, 2020 – Skate Canada COVID-19 FAQs

To stay up to date with Skate Canada information and updates regarding COVID-19, please visit the COVID-19 Response page on their website. Please note the tab “FAQs” to view responses to their Frequently Asked Questions.

In addition to those questions, we would like to highlight the following FAQ:

What constitutes as a Skate Canada sanctioned activity and program?

Skate Canada sanctioned activities and programs can include, but not limited to, all Skate Canada programs (CanSkate, STARskate, Competitive Skate, etc.), competitions/camps/seminars run by Skate Canada clubs/schools or sections, and skating carnivals. Please be advised that if these activities do take place during the suspended period, they will not be covered under Skate Canada insurance policies.

Administrative duties carried out by club/school/section do not apply to the list of sanctioned activities. Administrative duties can include, but are not limited to, answering emails and phone calls, preparing administrative materials, organizing individual and group progress sheets and report cards, e-learning courses and other online/virtual tasks. Skate Canada activities that can be carried out online/virtually and follow social distancing guidelines established by the provincial and federal governments can operate as normal. If you are unsure if your activity is permitted please contact Skate Canada at or 1-888-747-2372.

Skate Ontario COVID-19 Updates: 

For the latest Skate Ontario updates about the evolving COVID-19 situation, please click here.

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