Events Update – October 23, 2020

These are unprecedented times and we must adapt and embrace change every step of the way. As COVID-19 restrictions continue to evolve, Skate Ontario will continue to:

1. Make safety our top priority for our all of our stakeholders including skaters, coaches, volunteers and officials
2. Follow Public Health standards, guidelines and protocols
3. Seek stakeholder feedback
4. Provide meaningful performance opportunities for skaters at different developmental stages, while adhering to current COVID-19 restrictions

At this time, we have updates to share in six areas regarding Skate Ontario events:

1. Skate ON Events – November-December
2. Skate ON Events – January-March
3. Skate ON Virtual Events
4. STAR 1-4 Events
5. 2021 Provincial Championships
6. Pre-Novice/Novice 2021 Nationals Qualifying Process

Skate ON Events – November to December: Unfortunately, due to recent announcements from the Provincial government regarding the increase of modified Stage 2 regions and the strong recommendation against travel in and out of these regions, we have made the difficult decision to change the format of the Skate ON events scheduled for Saturday, November 14, 2020 in Huntsville and Baltimore. The new format will be video based. Skaters who have registered for those competitions will receive information about refunds and the new competition format from Skate Ontario by the end of October.

At this point in time, we are continuing to move ahead with the execution of the Skate ON – Stratford event, scheduled for December 11-13, 2020. We will continue to monitor the movement of regions to modified Stage 2 regions, we well as on-going travel recommendations. We will adjust the format if this scheduled event as needed.

Skate ON Events – January to March: As we look ahead to events in January to March and consider the implications of the increase of modified Stage 2 regions across the province, we continue to remain committed to offering meaningful performance opportunities. Our approach and framework accounts for the understanding that we will have to run events that look and feel different from one location to another in order to offer meaningful performance opportunities within COVID-19 restrictions.

As an organization, it is important to us to avoid limiting skaters’ access to meaningful competition experiences when they are not living in a modified Stage 2 region. It is equally important to us to offer what we can to skaters living in modified Stage 2 region.

After consultation with our stakeholders, we have decided to offer Skate ON format* events in regions that are not currently designated as a modified Stage 2 regions, but with regional travel restrictions. Athletes living in regions designated as modified Stage 2 regions will not be permitted to participate in events outside their region. This is aligned with the provincial government and public health recommendations to limit travel in and out of modified Stage 2 regions. We recognize the magnitude of this change, but we thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding. More details will follow by mid-November.

The following locations will be run under the *Skate ON Events Format:

  • Skate ON Sault St Marie – January 8-10, 2021
  • Skate ON Fort Frances – January 29-31, 2021
  • Skate ON Lasalle – January 29-31, 2021
  • Skate ON Milton – February 12-14, 2021
  • Skate ON London – February 19-21, 2021
  • Skate ON Thunder Bay – March 5-7, 2021
  • Skate ON Adult Champs – March 26-28, 2021

*Skate ON Event Format: where skaters will perform on-site at the event venue. Officials will be located off-site and will score the event virtually. The event will be professionally filmed and recordings of each skater’s program will be uploaded and made available to assigned officials. Results will be produced by Data Specialists. Skaters will receive a ranking and a Skater Detail report card. Results will be posted online after the event is completed and communicated to the participants, within timelines to be determined. Skaters will not receive medals or scores on site. Medals will be shipped to medalists’ home club.

The health and safety of all our stakeholders is our number one priority. These events will be held in accordance with all necessary public health, facility and safety guidelines. Should there be changes with the Ontario COVID-19 situation, Skate Ontario may be required to reevaluate the holding of these events. Participants will be required to follow all Skate Ontario and facility COVID-19 protocols. As such, parts of these events will look and feel different from past Skate Ontario event seasons. All Skate ON events will require a minimum number of entries in order to be held and are subject to change.

Skate ON- Virtual Events – Skate Ontario is pleased to announce the launch of Skate ON-Virtual Events for 2021. We are committed to delivering meaningful competitive experiences for skaters within COVID 19 limitations and this provides a format that can be executed for skaters in modified Stage 2 regions.

We have established four deadlines for video submissions:

  • Friday, January 15, 2021
  • Friday, January 31,2021
  • Friday, February 19, 2021
  • Friday, March 5, 2021

Full details about this new event format will be released by the end of November.

STAR 1-4 Events – We are happy to announce six STAR 1-4 events across the province for our STAR 1-4 level skaters. These events will be run with both skaters and officials on site and the event will run in accordance with Skate Ontario Return to Competition Protocols and all required public health, facility and safety regulations. Please stay tuned for more details regarding these events in the coming weeks:

  • STAR 1-4 Arnprior – January 8-10, 2021
  • STAR 1-4 Keswick – January 15-17, 2021
  • STAR 1-4 Cochrane – February 5-7, 2021
  • STAR 1-4 Orono – February 12-14, 2021
  • STAR 1-4 Amherstburg – February 12, 2021
  • STAR 1-4 Milton – February 19-21, 2021
 We will continue to monitor the movement of regions to modified Stage 2 as well as on-going travel recommendations. We will adjust the format of these scheduled events as needed.

Provincial Championships Update – As a result of the on-going uncertainty this season and due to the different nature of events that Skate Ontario is able to offer, we are we are unfortunately announcing the cancellation of the 2021 Skate Ontario Provincial Championships. Without a robust and equitable qualifying process, we will not be able to hold this event as in past years. We hope that skaters at all levels will be able to participate in one of our Skate ON events or other Performance and Development Opportunities to pursue their skating goals this season.

Pre-Novice & Novice Update – Skate Ontario is committed to creating a qualifying process for our Pre-Novice & Novice skaters to advance to the new Skate Canada National event in March 2021. As we continue to confirm events and event formats we are able to offer in January and February, we will communicate the qualifying process for the Pre-Novice and Novice skaters as quickly as possible.

For any questions, please email In addition, Skate Ontario will be hosting a Town Hall on Facebook on Monday, October 26, at 7:00pm ET, please feel free to join and ask questions.

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