Events Update – December 4, 2020

As a follow up to the Skate Ontario Town Hall on Monday, November 30, this update will include the following information:

  1. Launch of Skate ON – Video Performance Series
  2. Event Registration Information Update
  3. STAR 1-4 & Skate ON Registration Timelines

Skate ON – Video Performance Series

Skate Ontario is excited to announce a video submission-based performance opportunity for skaters as we begin to return to hosting skating events in Ontario. This new series of events will be known as the Skate ON – Video Performance Series. 

The Skate ON – Video Performance series is designed for skaters in STAR 5–Gold, Pre-Juvenile and Juvenile in singles, pairs and ice dance, artistic and adult categories. There will be four different Skate ON – Video Performance Series opportunities starting in January.

Skaters will follow filming requirements and submit a video to Skate Ontario by the posted deadline for each event. Individual report cards will be produced by Data Specialists after the event is complete. Skaters will not be ranked; but will receive a Skater Detail sheet (report card) with a score. This is not a performance on demand performance opportunity. Skaters are asked to practice social distancing while filming their program.

How to Register:

For the Skate ON – Video Performance Series, registrants will need to complete two steps in the registration process:

Step 1: Register and pay at

Step 2: Upload video to Google Form attached to the announcement & posted on detailed event page at

You may complete Step 1 at a different time than uploading your video. For example, you can register at the day registration opens and upload your video the day registration closes.

You will need to complete both steps for your registration to be submitted to officials for evaluation.

Important: You will need a Google Account (Gmail) to upload videos for registration.

When to register:

Skate ON Video PerformanceRegistration OpeningRegistration ClosingReport Cards Posted*
Skate ON Video Performance Series #2Dec. 21, 2020Jan. 8, 2021Week of Jan. 25, 2021
Skate ON Video Performance Series #3Jan. 18, 2021Jan. 31, 2021Week of Feb. 22, 2021
Skate ON Video Performance Series #4Feb. 8, 2021Feb. 19, 2021Week of March 8, 2021
Skate ON Video Performance Series #5Feb. 22, 2021March 5, 2021Week of March 22, 2021

*Videos do NOT need to be filmed within the registration opening and closing dates but do need to be submitted by the posted closing date to be officiated by officials.

*Once the registration and video submission timeline has closed, the submitted videos will be organized in preparation for a panel of officials to officiate each program remotely. This process may take up to two weeks. The report cards will be posted to each event page once remote officiating has been completed. These posted timelines are subject to change.

Cost to register: $25.00 per person for all categories + HST

Video Filming Requirements:

  • Programs may be filmed with a phone, tablet and/or camera.
  • All programs must be filmed in high resolution. Formats accepted include Mov, .MP4 File WebM, MJPEG, MPEGPS, WMV, FLV, MTS, OGG.
  • Other skaters and coaches can be on the ice when the program is being filmed, a skater is not required to have private or clear ice.
  • We recommend music be set to a high volume when the program is being filmed. This is to ensure the music is loud enough for the officials to hear when they watch the videos during the judging process.
  • Skaters may wear their competition attire or proper practice attire. (Note: avoid distracting clothing such as sweaters with hoods and strings etc).
  • Filming must take place at ice level, as close to centre ice as possible. It is important that when filming that all corners of the ice can be captured.
  • Video submissions must be filmed from a judge’s angle. (Skater to perform to the camera).
  • Please ensure the athlete’s full body is always visible during their skating performance, including and most importantly, the position of their skate blade.
  • Please test the filming set up (ie phone, tablet/or camera) prior to performance, to ensure video quality.
  • Videos should be filmed in landscape mode, not portrait mode.
  • Please film in landscape mode for the duration of the program, ensuring the athlete’s full body is in the video. Example: Please do not change from portrait to landscape during the program.

Important to note: You will not be judged or scored based on the quality or location of video.

Video submission:

  • Before submitting video, please name your video file with your athlete’s full name and their category. The proper naming of your video is extremely important. This allows for videos to be places in the proper category files for judging.
  • If your video file size is too large to upload, please reach out to
  • Upload the original video recorded (example a video that has been texted will have lower quality).
  • Videos do NOT need to be filmed within the registration opening and closing dates.
  • Video submissions must not contain any editing.

For any further questions regarding the Skate ON – Video Performance Series, please email the Skate Ontario Events Team at

Skate ON & STAR 1-4 Registration Information

Skate Ontario continues to adapt and embrace frequent changes and adheres to our guiding principles of:

  • Making safety our top priority for all our stakeholders including skaters, coaches, volunteers and officials.
  • Provide meaningful opportunities for skaters at different developmental stages, while adhering to current COVID-19 restrictions.
  • Following Public Health protocols and recommendations.

Due to recent announcements from the Provincial government regarding regions entering Grey – Lockdown and an increase in Red – Control regions, as an organization we have made the following registration decisions:

  • At the time of registration, if a skater is currently training in a region that is designated as a ‘Red or Grey/Lockdown Category’, skaters will not be permitted to register for the competition. In the event that that region exits the ‘Red or Grey/Lockdown’ category, we will assess the potential for skater registration at that time.
  • In the event that after registration opens and a skater’s training region moves into a ‘Red or Grey/Lockdown Category’, full or partial refunds will be considered for skaters on an event by event basis.
  • We expect questions to come throughout this process, please direct any inquires to

Skate ON & STAR 1-4 Registration Timelines

We regret to say because of the current state of COVID-19 across different regions of Ontario, we are only confirming the following calendars for both Skate ON and STAR 1-4 Series. We are still planning and hoping to go ahead with these calendars.

If circumstances allow, we may consider additional performance opportunities later in the season, subject to regional and provincial changes.

Skate ON – Registration Timelines

For full Skate ON event details, please click here.

Skate ON EventCompetition DatesRegistration Opening DayRegistration Closing Day
Skate ON - MiltonFeb. 12-14, 2021Dec. 7, 2020Dec. 18, 2020
Skate ON - LondonFeb. 19-21, 2021Dec. 16, 2020Dec. 20, 2020
Skate ON - Thunder BayMarch 5-7, 2021Dec. 28, 2020Jan. 10, 2021

STAR 1-4 Registration Timelines

For full STAR 1-4 event details please click here.

STAR 1-4 EventCompetition DatesRegistration Opening DateRegistration Closing Date
STAR 1-4 - NorwichJan. 29-31, 2021Dec. 9, 2020Dec. 13, 2020
STAR 1-4 - CochraneFeb. 5-7, 2021Dec. 9, 2020Dec. 13, 2020
STAR 1-4 - OronoFeb. 12-14, 2021Dec. 15, 2020Dec. 20, 2020
STAR 1-4 - AmherstburgFeb. 12-14, 2021Dec. 17, 2020Dec. 20, 2020
STAR 1-4 - MiltonFeb. 19-21, 2021Dec. 16, 2020Jan. 3, 2021

We also want to acknowledge and thank the host clubs that have been incredible supporters of Skate Ontario throughout this process and have made the difficult decision, due to COVID 19 to not host an event for the 2020-2021 season.

For any event questions, please contact



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