Events Update – April 30, 2021

Skate Ontario recognizes the challenges that have been faced by our skating community over this past season. The cancellation of most events due to the on-going global pandemic has meant that skaters have not been able to have the normal number of competitive opportunities in their training season. Skate Ontario has had many conversations with coaches over the course of this year and understands the importance of providing these opportunities for our skaters, in a safe and predictable manner.

Given the ongoing provincial shutdown and the likely continuation of public health measures for some period of time, Skate Ontario will need to continue to be flexible with our event planning this season. We recognize there is a strong desire to return to “normal” event execution as quickly as possible, but the timelines for doing so remain unclear at the moment. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and are committed to providing our skaters meaningful competitive opportunities that can be planned and executed with certainty as we move through this season.

Sectionals Series Update

Given the current status of COVID-19 in Ontario, we are currently planning for a hub format for the Sectionals Series. Skate Ontario will be providing four opportunities in 6-8 public health regions across the province for skaters from July to October.

Sectional Series July, August and September Hubs:

These hubs will be filming locations for skaters. Each program will be filmed by a Skate Ontario videographer and sent to Skate Ontario directly. Programs will be compiled and judged remotely by Skate Ontario officials to determine results. The final number, location and timing of competition hubs is still to be determined and will be driven by the Ontario COVID-19 Framework and the pandemic situation at the time. There will be a Skate Ontario referee and Skate Ontario representative on site at all filming hubs.

The filming timeline & categories for each hub is as follows:

  • July Hub – July 15-25, 2021 – Pre-Novice to Senior in Singles, Pair & Ice Dance
  • August Hub – August 9-15, 2021 – Pre-Juvenile to Senior in Singles, Pair & Ice Dance
  • September Hub – September 17-26, 2021 – Pre-Juvenile to Senior in Singles, Pair & Ice Dance

Sectional Series October Hub:

For October, Skate Ontario is actively planning to have skaters on-site competing in one location. We understand the importance of also having officials as part of this experience. We are currently working through various options for officiating at this event which will be driven largely by any COVID-19 restrictions that may still be in place.

This location is to be determined and is tentatively scheduled during the week of October 12-17, 2021. This event will include Pre-Juvenile to Senior in Singles, Pair and Ice Dance.

2022 Skate Ontario Sectional Championships:

At this current time, we are planning for skaters to be in person and officials to be onsite for the 2022 Skate Ontario Sectional Championships. The location is to be determined and is tentatively scheduled for November 4-7, 2021. This event will include: Pre-Novice to Senior in Singles, Pairs & Ice Dance.

If there continues to be challenges with event hosting given the Ontario COVID-19 Framework, we will consider adapting the format of this event as required.

Dates for all Sectional Series Hubs and the Sectional Championships will be confirmed as soon as possible.

Registration dates will also be confirmed as soon as possible, likely around mid- May.

2022 Skate Ontario Sectional Championships Qualifying Structure

As in the past, Skate Ontario will be using a qualifying structure for entry into the 2022 Skate Ontario Sectional Championships for this season. For skaters who are competing in Pre-Novice, Novice, Junior and Senior in the Men, Women, Pair and Ice Dance categories, qualification will be based on the results of the upcoming Skate Ontario Sectional Series.

The highest overall score (combined total score of the Short Program/Rhythm Dance/Pattern Dance and the Free Program from the same event) from each athlete/team will be used to create a final ranking order for qualification in each category and discipline to the 2022 Skate Ontario Sectional Championships.  Skaters/teams may enter any number of Sectional Series events in order to achieve their ranking.

Further details with specific information about registration and Maximum Entry numbers at the Sectional Championships will be posted in mid-May along with information about Sectional Series event registration.

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