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At Skate Ontario, we hope that our coaches are staying safe and healthy. We want to take this opportunity to provide you with a few reminders and updates. If you have any coaching related questions, please reach out to Amanda Montgomery, Coordinator, Coaching and Synchronized Skating.

Coaches Corner Webinar #9

A reminder to sign up for Coaches Corner webinar #9. Open to all coaches, club board members and staff.

Topics will include season planning with COVID-19 considerations for STARSkaters and Pre-Juvenile to Novice level skaters.

When: Tuesday, September 15, 2020 at 12:00 pm ET

To register, please click here.

Please note – this webinar will be recorded and posted to the Skate Ontario YouTube channel, so if you do not wish your picture/video to be seen on the Zoom call, please enter the room with your video turned off.

Skate Ontario Events

Coach Accreditation: To be accredited at 2020 Skate Ontario Skate ON Stratford, coaches must be Regional Coach trained or certified. Ontario coaches must present their Skate Ontario issued coach accreditation tag. No other form of identification will be accepted. Out of province coaches must provide proof that they are a registered Skate Canada professional coach in good standing when registering at the coaches’ sign in table. Only one certified coach per entry will be accredited.

Music Format Change for Selected 2020-2021 Skate Ontario Events

Music Format Change: Skate Ontario is moving towards having program music registered online for the Skate ON events scheduled for November and December. This change would apply to all categories being offered. The use of CDs as a music source will not be accepted at the November and December scheduled events. This means that the focus will be to ensure that the correct music files are uploaded for your skaters when they register their music online. CDs will no longer be registered onsite.

Rationale:  In the COVID-19 era there are 2 issues that drive this change. CDs represent a touch point for potential virus transmission both at the point of registration and during their use. The control of proper social distancing during the registration process is more difficult to maintain when additional time is taken to register skaters’ music on CD. The situation is further complicated by the return process for CDs after the completion of an event which creates a secondary gathering that further complicates the effective management of gathering sizes in the registration area.

The Coaches’ Role: Online music registration is not new to Skate Ontario events. In the first two years of its use the recurring problem has been that the person registering the skater has not always had the proper/current version of all the music (short program, long program, pattern dance) that their skater had been using in. The opportunity for the coach is to follow up with the skater and the person registering the skater, during their planning, for their participation in the event to be sure that the correct music is in the hands of the person registering the skater and their music. This will avoid any issues at the event and allow the skater to perform their best. It is recommended that the easiest way to accomplish this is to implement a basic naming procedure for all of the digital file copies of each program. This naming would include the skater’s name, the program type and the creation date of the music – eg sallysmith-short pgm-mar 2-2020.

The Online Registration Process: The online registration for skaters’ music will open with the start of registration. Music can be registered at this time, however, is not required with registration. Music registration will be accepted up to approximately 3 weeks prior to the event. Ensure to check the event announcement for the deadline to register music as late submissions will not be accepted nor on-site.

Music Changes: It is understood that there is a chance that the skater’s music may change from the time it was registered. There will be the capacity to change music if it is necessary to submit a different version of the music to the one already registered. Specific instructions for how this would be done will be included in the announcement for each event. Music changes will only be accepted until the music registration deadline.

Music Backups: It is always a good practice for the skater to carry a hard copy – CD – of their music with them. These backup copies will not be registered. The skater’s CD copy will NOT be accepted as a change to the music file registered online. These copies would only be used in extreme circumstances at the discretion of the event referee.

CanSkate Circuits Including COVID-19 Considerations

Skate Ontario has joined forces with Patinage Quebec to create sample CanSkate circuits that include COVID-19 considerations. These circuits serve as a tool to identify options to modify CanSkate circuits with physical distancing protocols in effect.

Sample circuits can be found on the Skate Ontario COVID-19 Return to Play resource page.

Here are the direct links to the resources:

All CanSkate sessions must adhere to the ‘Program Requirements and Delivery Standards – CanSkate WITH COVID-19 CONSIDERATIONS’.

For more information regarding the modified delivery option of CanSkate – Parent & Tot, see the CanSkate – Parent & Tot – Delivery requirements (with COVID-19 considerations) document.

Skate Canada Revised Coach Accreditation Policy

Please follow the link below for an update to Skate Canada’s coach accreditation policy. Although the changes align with the NCCP certification required to coach internationally, coaches that have received accreditation privileges at various domestic events the past three seasons are required to comply with the requirements of this policy moving forward. To view the update, please click here.

Please reach out to Amanda Montgomery if you have any questions or inquiries.

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