Assessment Days & COVID-19

Please be advised, all Skate Ontario Assessment Days scheduled after December 26, 2020 are now on hold until further information becomes available.

Yes, all Evaluators will complete the Skate Ontario COVID-19 Waiver and these will be directly collected by Skate Ontario. Assessment Coordinators do not need to  ask  Evaluators to complete these.

It is recommended that Evaluators complete the Health Screening Questionnaire  48 hrs priorto the scheduled Assessment Day.  If an Evaluator answers “Yes” to any of these questions, they are not permitted to participate in any on-ice or off-ice club/skating school activities. 

The Health Screening Questionnaire must also be completed upon arrival at the arena on the day of the Assessment Day .

Dances can be shadowed for Assessment Days, however a physical distance of 2 metres must be maintained.

Lockdown (grey) Zones:

  • No Assessment Days may be held

Red Zones:

  • Assessment Days should only involve skaters from the same region/municipality
  • Evaluators must be from the host club/skating school’s region/municipality
  • For example, an Assessment Day in Halton may only use an Evaluator who lives in Halton Region

Orange/Yellow/Green Zones:

  • Assessment Days may involve skaters from other regions/municipalities
  • Evaluators may be from other regions/municipalities

Assessment Days & COVID-19