Board, Committees & Annual Report

Skate Ontario Board of Directors

President                   Andrea Derby
Director                      Sharon Bollenbach
Director                      Brent Brandham
Director                      Lenny Faustino
Director                      Maggie Head
Director                      Rachel Islam
Director                      Kajan Nandakumar
Director                      Mary-Rose Weir
Director                      Alison Sims


Skate Ontario Committees


Judges, Evaluators & Technical Officials Committee

Reaghan Fortin- Chair
Laurie Goulet
Lorna Schroder
Chris Stokes
Michelle Woll
Judges, Evaluators & Technical Officials Committee (JET)-Terms of Reference

Data Specialist Committee

David Gillies- Chair
Elizabeth Matthews
Felix Blasky
Marie Josee Barrette
Mitch Smet
Data Specialist (DS)-Terms of Reference

Event Technician Committee

Ross Phelps- Chair
Barry Waldron
Mark Psutka
Paul Cotter
Simeon Callewaert
Event Technicians Committee (ET)-Terms of Reference
Skater Support Committee

Skate Ontario Annual Report 


2020-2021 Annual Report