Board, Committees & Annual Report

Skate Ontario Board of Directors

President                   Karen Butcher
Director                      Sharon Bollenbach
Director                      Brent Brandham
Director                      Lenny Faustino
Director                      Maggie Head
Director                      Rachel Islam
Director                      Sheilagh McCaskill
Director                      Kajan Nandakumar
Director                      Mary-Rose Weir


Skate Ontario Committees


Judges, Evaluators & Technical Officials Committee

Reaghan Fortin- Chair
Laurie Goulet
Lorna Schroder
Chris Stokes
Michelle Woll
Judges, Evaluators & Technical Officials Committee (JET)-Terms of Reference

Data Specialist Committee

David Gillies- Chair
Elizabeth Matthews
Felix Blasky
Marie Josee Barrette
Mitch Smet
Data Specialist (DS)-Terms of Reference

Event Technician Committee

Ross Phelps- Chair
Barry Waldron
Mark Psutka
Paul Cotter
Simeon Callewaert
Event Technicians Committee (ET)-Terms of Reference
Skater Support Committee

Skate Ontario Annual Report 


2019-2020 Skate Ontario Annual Report
2018-2019 Skate Ontario Annual Report
2017-2018 Skate Ontario Annual Report

Skate Ontario Financial Report

2019-2020 Audited Statements