The winners of the 2018 Ford Mustang in the 29th Skaters Promotional Contest

The Grand Prize Winners in the 2018 Skaters Promotional Contest, Mike and Nicole Stone and their children, Calla and Kai, received a 2018 Ford Mustang, which has an estimated value of $35,000.

“We were just in shock,” says Nicole. “I answered the phone and I couldn’t believe it at first. We’ve never won anything, so I had a bit of trouble believing it and processing it for while.”

Calla, 12, agreed. “I found out from my brother because I was at soccer when we got the call. So, my brother one day after school as just like, ‘Oh yeah, by the way we won a car.’ I was just like, ‘What?’”

Kai, the nine-year-old skater in the family, says he, “screamed and yelled and ran around the house seven times” upon finding out they had won a car. Kai skates at the Guelph Skating Club in the CanPowerSkate program.

Nicole says Calla and Kai had been asking every day when the car was going to come.

When Claire Daugulis, Manager of Communications and Branding at Skate Ontario, and other staff members arrived at their house the afternoon of Friday, April 13, Kai was the first one to notice. He peered out the window at her, other staff members and the car before waving and yelling to his family, “The car is here!”

Mike had an emergency meeting at work and unfortunately couldn’t be at the house to receive the car.

Kai and Calla explored the car, popping the trunk to look in the back and climbing inside for pictures. When asked who would receive the car when the children were older, Nicole suggested “rock, paper, scissors” to make the decision.

The family was preparing for a “little spin” when Skate Ontario left.

“We have insurance for it and we’re gonna drive it around and have some fun,” says Nicole.

The promotional information for the 30th Ontario Skaters Promotional Contest will be available on May 1, 2018. Ticket sales will start on June 9 at our Strength in Unity event where you’ll be able to pick up the booklet as well! On June 10, all the booklets will be shipped to different clubs after submitting an order form.

The prizes for the 2018-2019 contest are:

First Place: 2019 Ford Mustang in red
Second Place: Best Buy $5,000 Gift Certificate
Third Place: Air Canada $3,500 Travel Voucher
Fourth Place: 5 prizes of Apple MacBook Air
Fifth Place: 5 prizes of Apple iPad

Are you ready to enter?

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