Skate Ontario Events Update

As the 2017-2018 Skate Ontario competition season is about to kick off, Skate Ontario is excited to share some important updates.

Skate Ontario Competition Manual

The Skate Ontario Competition Manual is live on our website here.

2017-2018 Event Season Opportunities Chart 

Please refer to the 2017-2018 Event Season Opportunities Chart before registering for events.

Event Registration Update 

Registration is now open for Isabelle Henderson. The deadline to register is Wednesday, August 2nd at 4pm.  Please read the announcement and register here:

Here is a list of upcoming event registration opening dates:

  • Autumn Skate – July 21
  • Octoberfest – August 3
  • Skokie Skate – August 11
  • Skate Ontario Sectionals – August 24

Please refer back to our website on registration opening day.

LOC Toolkit 

Skate Ontario has created an online LOC Toolkit. LOCs are recommended to refer to the Toolkit for Event Hosting resources. 

Looking forward to a great season!

– Skate Ontario


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