Sectional Championships Qualifying Information

Skate Ontario Sectional Championships Qualifying

Following the completion of the Summer events throughout the country, the 2017 Summer Qualifying Series has concluded and it was great! The final Ontario results are posted on the Skate Ontario Website, please click here to view the results. We are very excited for the first Skate Ontario Sectionals and are looking forward to the rest of the season.

As described in the Qualifying information released in May 2017, the top 40 in each level and category have earned a spot in the 2018 Sectional Championships being held in Oakville, Nov 2-5, 2017. Registration for Sectionals will be open Sept 13, 2017 and closing Sept 29, 2017. Each qualified athlete must register for Sectionals during the registration period. 

The maximum number of entries for each category for the Sectional Championship will be 60. For all athletes who are outside of a top 40 position, or did not register for the Summer Qualifying, must register for the Fall Qualifying Series to qualify for the Sectional Championship. The Fall Qualifying Series registration is now open and will close Sept 8, 2017. The final entries for Sectionals will be earned from the Fall Qualifying Series.  The full Sectional Qualifying structure can be viewed by clicking here.

The Fall Qualifying events will include; Isabelle Henderson (Sept 15-17, 2017), Autumn Skate (Sept 30-Oct 1, 2017), Octoberfest (Oct 12-15, 2017) and Skokie Skate (Oct 20-22, 2017). At the conclusion of Skokie Skate, the Sectional list of entries will be complete with the maximum of 60 entries in each category. The remaining athletes will be entered into the parallel event that will be running in conjunction with the Sectional Championships. All athletes who have entered the Fall Qualifying Series must register for the Sectional Championships during the registration period, opening September 13, 2017 and closing September 29, 2017, to be eligible for the Sectional Championships or the parallel event. 

A frequently asked question that has come up throughout the summer competitions has been: “What if an athlete decides that they aren’t ready for the competitive stream and would like to go to STAR, but have registered for the Summer and/or Fall Qualifying Series.” If an athlete has registered for the Summer and Fall Qualifying and decides before registering for the Sectional Championship, that they wish to go into STAR events, they have the ability to do those events for the remainder of the year.  Once an athlete registers for the Sectional Championships, they are committed for the year to the competitive stream.

If you have any questions regarding the Sectional Championship Qualifying, please email Scott Rachuk, Director, Sport Operations at

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