Judges, Evaluators & Technical Update

With the Summer Qualifying Series under our belts, Skate Ontario has a few updates for our officials as we move into the fall and winter seasons of our 2017/18 competition calendar.

Personal Banking Information:
Skate Ontario recognizes that several officials have expressed concerns about how Skate Ontario has planned to collect banking information for the purposes of direct deposit. Your banking information will not be shared with anyone and will be used solely for the purpose of expense reimbursement. Reimbursement for expenses will only come through cheque or direct deposit, e-transfers will not be used. If banking information is not submitted to Skate Ontario expenses will be reimbursed by cheque. Banking information may be submitted by the expense form or providing a void cheque. Submission of banking information is completely voluntary.

We have updated our Event Expense Policy, please find it on our website here.

Start Times:
As Skate Ontario works to make the delivery of events more consistent across the province, the inconsistencies of start times have been brought to our attention. With this in mind, it is our direction to Referees that all events start according to the posted schedule and not run early. The reason for this is to allow athletes and coaches to properly prepare for events. In accordance with the Skate Canada rules, we recognize that the final decision on start time rests with the Referee. It is expected that any changes to start times will be discussed between the Tech Rep and the Skate Ontario representative at each event before being implemented.

Delivery of Events:
Now that Skate Ontario is one unified body, we are adapting best practices from each of the former sections. Skate Ontario is looking at events with a provincial scope, and we ask all our officials to please keep in mind that each former section approached their events differently. Our focus is to run athlete-centred events and work towards consistency across the province. We fully expect our event delivery process to evolve over time as we grow and learn. Our event mission mandate is to stage an athlete-focused, meaningful competitive experience in a fun, fair and safe environment and to work collaboratively towards establishing consistency in all Section-Partnered competitions across the Province of Ontario.

If you have any questions or feedback to rules/policies, we encourage that you reach out to our Manager of Events and Operations, Kelsey Bennett. We are happy to discuss questions and concerns as many of our processes will evolve over time.

Test Days:
Please note that STAR 1-5 has officially launched. As of September 1, 2017 Preliminary and Junior Bronze tests may not be taken. Please do not evaluate any Preliminary or Junior Bronze tests moving forward.

Officials Page on Skate Ontario’s Website:
We are in the process of building an Officials Page on Skate Ontario’s website. The website will include relevant Judge, Evaluator and Technical information for you. Please check back in the coming weeks for more information. You can visit the Officials Page by clicking here.

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