Interclub Update

This update outlines the importance and continued role of interclub events that have been available to Ontario athletes that help enhance athlete performance and participation in the formal competition structure released by Skate Ontario for the 2018/2019 season.

Skate Ontario has recognized the importance of performance training for athletes of all ages and levels. Competitions, test days and ice shows have been the focal point for many years as the way to create an atmosphere that is conducive to performance improvements within the sport. We believe that all performance practice is important to the development and long term growth of an athlete.

For many years and in many areas of the province, interclub events have been a normal process in the development of our Ontario athletes. Skate Ontario is encouraging clubs to continue to provide these opportunities for their athletes as a means of developing performance skills. Performance and fun are the focus of these sessions and will keep the athletes close to home while providing opportunities to grow in their sport. Each club will have the ability to design the sessions to best suit their performance goals. Skate Ontario has confirmed with Skate Canada and BFL Insurance, anyone wishing to run an Athlete Performance Training Session will have to receive a sanction from Skate Ontario to be fully insured. Skate Ontario clubs and schools can run the sessions at any time in the season and there are no maximum number of sessions clubs can operate in a year.

Athlete Performance Training Sessions (new for 2018/2019) are not part of the formal competition structure and are defined as follows:

  1. Program and solo simulations, with or without evaluations
  2. Fun events specific to the club(s) involved
  3. No formal results or awards
  4. All costs and logistics are the responsibility of the club(s) involved in the organizing of the session
  5. The club(s) must apply for a sanction

If you have any questions regarding the technical structure/format of these sessions, please contact Scott Rachuk, Director, Sport Operations at

Sanctioning process:

  1. Application for a sanction must be submitted 30 days prior to the date of the session
  2. Application form will be available on our website on or before April 1, 2018
  3. Applications will be reviewed by Skate Ontario
  4. Letter/email will confirm sanction a minimum of 15 days prior to the session

If you have any questions regarding the sanctioning structure/format of these sessions, please contact Kelsey Bennett, Manager, Events and Operations at

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