Going forward, #onetario!

April 1, 2017

Dear Ontario Skating Family,

Today we go forward as a unified Skate Ontario team!

It is up to all of us to make sure we make the most of this rare moment.  We have the opportunity not only to pool our best practices and keep doing what we do well now, but to build some new approaches and programs to give our incredible skaters every advantage we can.

We know that successful transitions are not the ones that try and tackle everything at once. We realize that change is not easy and we are committed to working together to make our amalgamation as smooth as possible.  Our staged approach will continue over the next months and upcoming season as we:

  • Integrate – We will continue to merge five organizations together to create one manageable model. Normal Section activities to complete this season will continue.  All Section office staff will continue working in their current offices while new Skate Ontario roles are simultaneously introduced.
  • Improve – New operations committees and standardized programs utilizing the best practices developed from each Section will soon emerge and engage many of the fabulous volunteers who have previously worked in these areas.
  • Invent – We will build on an excellent foundation, combining forces and creating a stronger organization focused on what our skaters and clubs need, involving all our stakeholders, and setting new standards for skating in Canada and the world.

We realize this transition has and will continue to bring with it many uncertainties, and we are sure you will still have many questions over the coming weeks and months.  We will do our best to provide answers as soon as possible.  Please consult the Skate Ontario website frequently for updates.

Thank you for your continued understanding, patience, and hard work. We are confident that we will all work together as we continue to implement positive change and position ourselves for a bright future as the leaders in Skating in Canada and the world.

Karen Butcher                                          Lisa Alexander

President                                                   Executive Director

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