Examining the Interruption Rule: New e-Learning Module

Over the course of the last several seasons, different applications and scenarios involving the Interruption Rule at domestic and international competitions were observed. To help educate coaches, skaters, officials, and team leaders on the importance of this rule and its application, Skate Canada created an on-line module that is now ready to access. Many of the resources contained in this module were initially developed for a workshop presented at the 2017 Ice Summit in Ottawa. The on-line module includes the following:

  • Video of the Ice Summit workshop
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Summary document for coaches, officials, and team leaders
  • Video: various types of scenarios

Accessing the Skate Canada Education and Training Academy site for the first time? Here’s how:

  1. Access ” https://members.skatecanada.ca/” through your web browser. 
  2. Click on the sign in button in the top right corner.
  3. Sign in using your username and password.  

Should you not currently have access, click on the “Request Invitation Code” link to receive an invitation code by email. Once received, click on the “Redeem it here” link to activate your account and set up a username and password. 

Click on “Submit” when redeeming your code to set your username and password which can be used for subsequent logins. It is recommended to use your Skate Canada number as your username. 

  1. Once logged in, verify that your profile contains up to date information. 
  2. Click on E-learning from the navigation menu near the top of your screen. 

Once logged-in, this module will be located in the recently released courses column (see image below) for two weeks. Afterwards, it will be housed in the “standards for evaluating figure skating” category.

Thank you for making this information a priority to review at your earliest convenience. We hope your experience is positive and look forward to obtaining your feedback!

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