Day 2 – #CTNSC18

Day 2 – #CTNSC18

Day 2 at the 2018 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships included Novice Free Dance, Novice Women Free, Novice Men Free, Junior Free Dance and the Novice and Junior Pair Short Programs.

Team Ontario got off to a fantastic start on day 2 with Nadiia Bashynska & Peter Beaumont winning the gold medal in Novice Dance with 96.82 points. Miku Makita & Tyler Gunara from BC/YK finished with the silver and AB/NT/NU’s Amelia Boone & Michael Kowan claimed the bronze medal with 88.92 points. The new Novice National Champions were excited after their scores were announced to reveal that they had kept their first place ranking after yesterday’s pattern dances. “We’re really happy,” beamed Nadiia, “we worked for this for a long time.” Peter added “we have been training for this moment, it makes it all more emotional.”

The Novice Women long program followed Novice Dance and Ontario’s Amelia Orzel came back from 5th place in the short program to win the long. She ended up winning the gold medal and the Novice National title with 127.94 points. Daria Carr from BC/YK won the silver medal with 125.76 points and Quebec’s Sandrine Bouchard finished with the bronze with 124.30 points. After Amelia realized that she had won the title she said “it’s a dream come true.” When asked what was going through her mind during her program, “I tried my best to execute all my jumps but I had so much fun doing it and I think that helped my performance a lot.” Another notable Ontario performance in this event was Madeline Schizas who placed 5th in the long program after a 12th place finish in the short. Her score was enough to put her in 6th place overall with 112.64 points.

Ontario’s third gold medal of the day was won in the Novice Men event by Alec Guinzbourg. He finished with 150.73 points, 13.97 points ahead of Aleksa Rakic from BC/YK with the silver medal. Brian Chiem representing AB/NT/NU received the bronze medal with 128.78 points. Alec skated a terrific long program and said his mentality was “to skate clean and to have fun and enjoy my skate.” His key takeaway from his experience this week is “anything is possible if you calm down and skate your best.”

Junior Dance was the next event to finish, Ontario’s Olivia McIsaac & Elliott Graham earned the silver medal with 137.56 points. For the second straight year, Marjorie Lajoie & Zachary Lagh representing Quebec captured the gold medal in the event with 154.40 points and Ashlynne Stairs & Lee Roye from BC/YK took the bronze in the event with 134.51 points. Irina Galiyanova & Tommy Tang from Ontario finished in 5th place with 132.01 points.

Ontario has the top two scores after the Novice Pair Short Program. Brooke McIntosh & Brandon Toste are in the lead with 44.86 points while Mackenzie Ripley & Owen Brawle sit in second place with 40.75 points. The Novice Pairs skate their long program at 2:34 PST tomorrow afternoon.

The Junior Pair Short Program was the final event of the day, with 4 of 9 teams representing Ontario. Mariah McCaw & Steven Adcock are currently in 3rd place with 47.97 points and Patricia Andrew & Paxton Knott sit in 5th place with 46.61 points. The Junior Pair Long Program begins tomorrow at 4:27pm PST.

Tune in to the live stream tomorrow for the Junior Women Short Program, Novice & Junior Pair Long and the Junior Men Long Program. For the starting orders, broadcast schedule and live stream please click here. For the full event schedule, please click here.

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